Surface Tap

Surface Taps leave the main hot tap valve above ground via a riser pipe and are used when hot tapping buried pipelines. The hot tap drill out takes place after back fill and is hot tapped from the surface. EnReach’s patented hot tapping method allows for any length of riser pipe to accommodate any depth of pipeline. Surface Taps essentially have an unlimited amount of reach.

Leaving the valve above ground has advantages, such as:

  • Accessible control valve for future use, or emergencies
  • The ability to create a pigging facility or camel back at the tie-in point
  • No bolted connections buried below the surface

Surface Hot Tap with riser

Unlimited Reach Hot Tap Completed
Sizes 2″ through 8″ outlet sizes *
Pressure Up to 1480 Psi **
Temperature Up to +177 ° C ***
Meets low temperature requirements
Meets sour service requirements
Meets all ABSA, ASME B31.3 and CSA Z662 requirements
*Larger Sizes **Higher pressures ***Higher temperatures are all available by request on a per job engineering assessment.