Standard Hot Tap

The Standard Hot Tap is an industrial facility, tank and pipeline hot tap which can be performed on low temp or high heat lines which contain steam, condensate, gas, oil, refined petroleum products, water or sewer and may be high pressure. It allows for a new line to be tied in without requiring a shut-down on the line. We can provide a size on size or reduced branch size solution.

It leaves the valve in close proximity to the vessel or pipeline being tapped. This allows the new line being tied in, to be directly connected to the hot tap. This type of Hot Tap can also be used for corrosion survey and for various pigging solutions.

EnReach provides a full service hot tap including the weld on fittings that include all of the engineering, ABSA or BCSA submissions, approved weld procedures, welding, and inspection and QC turnover packages.

All weld procedures and QA/QC are both CSA Z662 and ASME B31.3 certified

Standard Hot Tap Finished
Sizes 1/2″ through 30″ outlet sizes
Pressure Up to 5000 Psi
Temperature Up to +370 ° C
Meets low temperature requirements
Meets sour service requirements
Internally pressure balanced hot tap machines for higher pressure applications