Line Stop

Line Stops which are sometimes referred to as stopples are used to completely stop the flow and hold back the pressure of a pipeline. This is done using a plugging head or completion plug through a hot tap and fitting connected to the pipeline.

Two sets of line stops and piping connected to them can divert the flow around a problem area within a pipeline so that the flow in the line is never interrupted and the problem area can be isolated, repaired or altered.

Completed Line Stop

Finished Line Stop

EnReach uses several different types of line stops depending on the pressure, temperature, and product in the line.

  • True double block and bleed line stops
  • Inflatable bladder or bag line stops
  • Traditional style line stop heads
  • Line stops that require non size on size hot taps
  • No spill procedures and systems for downstream work

Line Stop Scaffolding

Sizes 2″ through 28″
Pressure Up to 1480 Psi
Temperature Up to +177 ° C
Double block and bleed style available
Available for Steel, HDPE and PVC pipelines
Meets low temperature requirements
Meets sour service requirements
Pressure, temperature, size and product in the line determine what line stops are used and if a double block and bleed system is available for those conditions. All line stops are reviewed on a per job engineering assessment.