HDPE (Polyethylene) Hot Tap

EnReach provides a full package poly hot tap solution, including all of the material and personnel for fusing. Additionally we complete the final tie-in of the new line to be connected. Hot tapping the branch connection to existing mains has several advantage over Y- Lateral connections:

HDPE Hot Tap
HDPE Hot Tap with Steel Riser 28 x 12 Hot Tap

28 x 18 HDPE Hot Tap

  • Cost effective
  • Less ground disturbance
  • Significantly smaller bell hole/less live pipe that needs to be exposed
  • Safer: No release of LEL’s, no wells to shut in, no static electric discharge with hot taps
  • Improved pigging ability compared to a y-lateral

Sizes 1/2" through 18" outlet sizes
Pressure Up to 300 Psi (SDR 7.3)
Temperature Up to +50 ° C
SDR Range 41 (PVC) through 7.3 (HDPE)
Size on Size branch connections
Full QA/QC packages for all hot taps
All EnReach personnel are ticketed Fusion Technicians