HDPE (Polyethylene) Fusion Services

24 inch HDPE Butt Fusion Y - Lateral Install Pre Manufactured HDPE Ts Pre-Manufactured Manifolds HDPE

EnReach provides a variety of fusion services for all applications of HDPE piping and fire water systems. EnReach is one of the only companies in Western Canada with fusion technicians certified to fuse high pressure and or large diameter couplings.

  • Butt fusion services ranging from 2” to 36” (all SDR sizes, large diameter fusion techs on staff)
  • Electrofusion services for installing couplings, Y-laterals, and Tees
  • Line squeezes for 12” pipe and smaller
  • Large diameter and or high pressure electrofusion coupling installations

EnReach builds HDPE headers, piping spools and pre-manufactured pipeline tees. All shop fabricated fittings and spools are pressure tested and come with a full QA/QC turn over package.

28inch Electro fusion