Cold Tap

Cold Tapping is a term used to describe a method of tapping into a live pipeline, tubing, or well casing without the need to do any welding or hot work. Cold taps are used to safely check for or release unknown pressure or fluid in piping.

Cold tapping is routinely used for:

  • Hot tie-ins to ensure the proper pipeline is down
  • Pipeline abandonments when existing history is unclear
  • Well re-entries to ensure well bore is completely dead on cut and capped wells
  • Drilling rig tubing or drill stem if suspected trapped pressure

Vacuum Truck Cold Tap
12 inch Cold Tap Recovered Coupon

3 inch Cold Taps

Cold Taps should always be used prior to cutting into any existing piping system. This is the only safe way to ensure that there is no pressure on the inside. On several occasions EnReach was contracted to cold tap for clients that were 100% sure the line was dead. They still had significant pressure in the pipeline that was safely dealt with because they were cold tapped.

Cold Tap Drilling Rig
Sizes 1" through 16" main line sizes
Pressure Up to 1480 Psi
Temperature Up to +177 ° C
All Tubing and well casing sizes
Available for Steel, HDPE and PVC pipelines
Meets sour service requirements
Higher pressures available on request.