EnReach Hot Tap Services was established in 2005, and has been supplying customers with specialized turnkey hot taps, line stops, and cold taps for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. We have a patented system for hot tapping (Surface Taps), experienced professional crews and support staff that make us the best in the business.


We have steadily grown as a hot tapping expert over the years and have added new services for our clients along the way. Innovative services such as coiled tubing cutting (ability to cut tubing from the inside out, below the tubing hanger), off-site welded pressure piping spools & fabricated fittings, full service well re-entries, large diameter HDPE couplings, and hot taps.

Enreach Hot Tap Inc.'s main priority is to be seen as a reputable hot tapping company which focuses on client service and a high quality product. We are confident in our product which, in turn, provides our clients with the confidence they require and expect. As a company with individuals focused on quality and service, we never lose sight of our safety and quality assurance obligations to ourselves and our clients.